Fluid cinema: Fluid Dress by Charlie Bucket aka Casual Profanity

November 18, 2010

In addition to my first post in Fluid cinema, here is the ‘missing link’, my dear friendz… Fluid Dress by Charlie Bucket aka Casual Profanity…


Still from the video Fluid Dress by Casual Profanity (c)

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Fluid cinema: Fluid sculpture by Casual Profanity

October 28, 2010

Time for new section on my blog… although I’m not very fond to the idea of classification and putting thingz into restrictive shelves… I thought that Fluid cinema section might be interesting for some experimental practices… let’s see… let’s play…

Okay, for the opening I have, of course, artwork titled Fluid Sculpture by Charlie Bucket aka Casual Profanity


Photo: Fluid Sculpture by Casual Profanity taken from flickr (cc)

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Device_art 3.010 on the way to Tokyo

September 16, 2010

New edition of Device_art 3.010 exhibition will be presented between 23rd September and 1st of October in the Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, SuperDeluxe art place and Toyada Campus at the University Waseda in Tokyo. The programme includes exhibition, sound performances, DJ acts and round-table.


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Retro computer games for corporeality questions – Bong

July 17, 2010

Following my previous post on freestyle football, check William Linn’s device art work Bong (2009) based on retro computer games and their use in media art, as well as from the corporeality point of view.   The concept is very interesting, especially in the context of comparability with Nintendo Wii Sports and similar iPhone & iPod & iPad applications.

William Linn: Bong, photo by Kontejner (c)

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