Pocket cinema: Death Row Art Star by Aron Ranen

June 30, 2010

What serial killers and the art of illustration have in common? Well, you will get the answer from a short documentary film Death Row Art Star by independent filmmaker Aron Ranen… Ranen’s film competed in the short film selection at IDFA -International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in 2005.

death_row_art_star.jpgScreenshots from Death Row Art Star by Aron Ranen (c)

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Pocket cinema: William Kentridge

November 18, 2009

South African artist William Kentridge is an animator that definitely needs to be in Pocket cinema… His monochrome animations became part of classics, although created during nineties…

kentridge2.jpgWilliam Kentridge

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Human body somewhere between embroidery, photography and drawings

May 18, 2009

Being constantly at the intersections of those three arts Olja Stipanovic creates new permutated meanings, new crafted thoughts on social coding of the artist.

Her work ‘Stitches’, created from 2004 to 2008, is an artwork that explores the concept of social etiquette.

Olja_Stipanovic.jpgOlja Stipanovic: Stitches (c)

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