Kosuke Tsumura’s subtle senses – gallery

April 4, 2010

Artworkz and garments by fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura are sometimes indescribable, because of their complex aestheticism and simplicity in material usage. I find compelling in his work the way he treats different materials, each time producing different ‘style’ …

Cocoon Cradle – Mother Piece by Kosuke Tsumura for TokyoFiber 09
Photo taken from yatzer.com

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Saso Sedlacek’s Origami Space Aircraft…

March 4, 2010

It’s already a known thing that artists are sort of explorers… and scientists as well… I’m not taking into perspective now Leonardo and his flying devices, although I could. Sometimes we like to play… When grown ups play, they usually do it passionate.

Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacek, taken from Kontejner

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Students want sustainable Art Academy

May 3, 2009

Back to the city of Split today, at least on my blog. As I promised you three weeks ago, here is a second post covering projects and workshops by Department of Visual Communications Design at Split’s Arts Academy.

Today I’m gonna present you internet presentation of the project ‘New_academy initiative: A Low-Cost Sustainable Art Academy’ from 2008.


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