Pocket cinema: The Alchemists of Sound

November 19, 2013

Documentary¬†The Alchemists of Sound about cult¬† BBC Radiophonic Workshop, originally founded back in 1958 as an audio department for effects and new music, features nice and rare insight view on the place of gathering of many British electronic composers, many of them being recognized nowadays as sound pioneers…

Pocket cinema: Inventor of the Synthesizer Documentary ~ Moog: A Film by Hans Fjellestad

April 28, 2013

I already had the incredible Robert Moog as a topic in Pocket cinema once in a blog post titled Robert Moog and the story of the Moog Synthesizer. Time to share another great docs about Synth Doctor – Inventor of the Synthesizer Documentary ~ Moog: A Film by Hans Fjellestad from 2004. So happy I finally found it, culture and science should be shareable!


January 1970: Robert Moog with his synthesizer. Photograph: Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive/Getty Images (c)

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Pocket cinema: Robert Moog and the story of the Moog Synthesizer

February 16, 2011

Bob Moog, the father of the Moog synthesizer and one of the pioneers of electronic music for your tasty ears and intuitive desires… This post was for about a week in my WP draft, and I was so inspired by the beauty of peeps from Arcade Fire last dayz, that I simply had to connect this feelin’ with Robert Moog‘s ideas and invention. Enjoy the history of music!


Photo above: Robert Moog, taken from djproaudioinc.com
Photo bellow: Moog, taken from Preservation Sound

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Pocket cinema: documentaries on John Cage

January 15, 2011

I’ve dug out few documentaries about composer and artist John Cage covering his life and music, I think most people would find highly recomendable… Needless to say in what amount Cage has influenced contemporary music scene, media art and, of course, modern dance.

… and these films are John Cage: I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It (1990) by Allan Miller, Peter Greenway: ‘Four American Composers (1983) – John Cage, The Making of One11 by Henning Lohner (1992), Opus 20 Modern Masterworks: John Cage by Klaus Lindemann (2006) and John Cage: In Love with Another Sound (1992) by Miroslav Sebestik.

John Cage

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