Marija Scekic’s butoh labyrinths

August 22, 2009

Marija Scekic is a contemporary dancer from Croatia who can be characterized as ‘a performer with guts’. Her strong and authentic concentration on the stage is a result of heavy bodily education and physical predisposition.

marija_scekic_shadow_1.jpgPhoto: Sandra Vitaljic (c)

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Map for the blind

May 6, 2009

Young design student Ana Zupic created in 2008 a prototype of a tool she entitled ‘Map for the blind’ or ‘A Tactile Map for Visually Impaired’ intended to be in use as equipment for better socialization and integration into urban environment.

The map I saw projected the city of Zagreb, but naturally, the project could be carried out and adapted to any space or situation.

Map_for_the_blind.jpgAna Zupic: Map for the blind (c)

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Maria Kheirkhah’s mute belly dance

March 15, 2009

I saw Maria Kheirkhah‘s artwork ‘Dancing in the Village’ (a part of the ‘Portraits of a belly dancer’ explorations) two days ago at the exhibition L(..)king at Others in Art pavilion.

It’s a two channel video, actually a documentation of her performance from 2006 when she was listening on her iPod belly dance music performing belly dance in front of the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London.

maria_kheirkhan_1.jpgStill from Dancing in the Village by M. Kheirkhah (c)

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Oxygen as the Object of Pleasure

January 28, 2009

Oxygen (from the Greek roots oxys – acid, literally “sharp”, from the taste of acids) and -genes (producer, literally begetter) is the element with atomic number 8 and represented by the symbol O.’

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