Clothes Do Not Make A Man

August 1, 2009

Posters designed by Ljubica Marcetic Marinovic with co-author Vlado Zrnic, for last year’s dance piece choreographed by Irma Omerzo, ‘Clothes Do Not Make A Man’ I find interesting  for several reasons.

Ljubica_Marcetic_Marinovic1.jpgClothes Do Not Make A Man by Ljubica Marcetic Marinovic (c)

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Eco design: Imitation of Life

July 21, 2009

Damir Bedalov and Mladen Donadini are fashion designers behind the manifesto Eco-design (in Croatian: Eko dizajn), project established in 2008 on sustainable and ecological approach to the clothing production and though, the culture of clothing.

Umbrella Dress, dress redesigned from umbrella
Eko dizajn (c)

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Cool people from the Past: Tashamira

July 15, 2009

I wanted to post this on my blog for a long time… Tashamira was a Croatian dancer and choreographer whose real name was Vera Milcinovic. When I saw her photos from 1930’s at the exhibition ‘Avant Garde Tendencies in Croatian Art’ few years ago, I was completely thrilled.

First, her name sounds even today very hype and cool. But Tashamira’s ‘image’ was crucial, just take a look at her costume and hair cut. She was also one of those faces that were far ahead of their time.

Tashamira_1.jpgTashamira, taken from the catalog by Klovicevi dvori

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Visions – Red

June 7, 2009

Here’s a small peek into the fashion exhibition ‘Visions – Red’ I visited recently in the ULUPUH Gallery. It was dedicated to the theme of red color in visions of Croatian fashion designers.

I saw several installations that I really, really liked; and I wanna share it with you, dear readers. All exhibited authors are members of ULUPUH’s Department for Fashion Design and some of them,  scenographers.

ruza_hodak.jpgRuza Hodak: J-Ronin (c); photo: lomodeedee (cc)

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