Interview with Helena Bulaja, part I: Tesla had Internet in his head!

December 18, 2009

If I will ever get a postcard directly from the Moon, I will immediately know that I got it from Helena Bulaja. She’s the only artist I know capable for such thing. I promised you, dear readers, while I blogged about Mechanical Figures – twentythousandcycles.NET – Helena’s latest multimedia artwork, that I will bring her here for a talk on film, new media  and, of course, Nikola Tesla…


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Body cinema: Tingel Tangel by Kathryn Ferguson

December 8, 2009

Short experimental dance film Tingel Tangel by Kathryn Ferguson combines two dancers and a wooden dance machine built to parody the Busby Berkeley style chorus lines of the 1920’s. Dancers and choreographers are performers Paloma Faith and Beatrice Brown.


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Body cinema: Lodela – experimental dance film

November 27, 2009

Experimental dance film ‘Lodela’ (1996) by Canadian documentary and experimental film maker Philippe Baylaucq is certainly one of the most successful dance films Canadian cinematography has brought to light after Norman McLaren’s ‘Pas de deux‘ (1968), afterward followed by ‘Amelie’ (2002) which was directed by La La La Human Steps founder and choreographer Edouard Locke.


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Body cinema: Pas de Deux by Norman McLaren

October 8, 2009

Do we need a special introduction to this classic of experimental films?! I believe not… Pas de Deux by Norman McLaren


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