Interview with Lynne Bruning: Doing Groovalicious eTextiles!

April 10, 2010

Lynne Bruning is an award winning wearable artist, eTextile innovator and, as she likes to title herself, ‘a textile enchantress, lover of black sand beaches, tangerine bikinis and fast connections.’

Synaptic by Lynne Bruning, photo: Carl Snider

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Interview with Nena Skoko: Treating textiles and fibers

March 22, 2010

Contemporary textile artist Nena Skoko has already been presented here on Body Pixel. Ivana blogged about Nena’s work within the presentation of the international project Balkan Fiber Art… BFA was here completely reviewed during 2008/09…

‘One Month’ from installation Changes exhibited at Fairy-tales by Nena Skoko

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Human body somewhere between embroidery, photography and drawings

May 18, 2009

Being constantly at the intersections of those three arts Olja Stipanovic creates new permutated meanings, new crafted thoughts on social coding of the artist.

Her work ‘Stitches’, created from 2004 to 2008, is an artwork that explores the concept of social etiquette.

Olja_Stipanovic.jpgOlja Stipanovic: Stitches (c)

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‘You’re welcome, you’re great’ – Silja Puranen’s strong art

September 25, 2008

Hi, I’m Ivana and I’ll be a guest blogger on Personal Cyber Botanica… covering the issues of contemporary visual art, especially textile art, fashion and architectural design.

Balkan Fibre Art was the name of the contemporary textile art colony, held in Atelje 61 Gallery in Novi Sad, Serbia, from 12 till 22 September, which thrilled me in more than one way. It was my first art colony that resulted with my first group exhibition; second, I met there some really great female artists.

Silja Puranen from Finland being my contemporary art goddess! Here she comes!


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