The Power of Thread, part 2: BelaBela – gallery

May 16, 2011

BelaBela means WhiteWhite in Slovenian.  BelaBela covers textile arts, interior and industrial design at the same time. BelaBela are Jana Mrsnik and Vesna Stih from Ljubljana.

Girls from BelaBela like to explore new senses and shapes of material, space and light. You can read their interview on Big Creative Industries to get the full insight into their projects.


Curtain / Wall by BelaBela (c)

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Mechanical fragility: Dolls by Yotsuya Simon – gallery

February 8, 2011

Japanese artist Yotsuya Simon dedicated almost his entire life to studies on human body. I don’t have to mention that Japanese surrealism, jazz music and seeing Hijikata Tatsumi’s Butoh performance have influenced Yotsuya Simon‘s aesthetics and body of work.

Bodies of his dolls are tangible and fragile, open and humorous, yet very strong in expressiveness.  Probably the most intriguing sets of contemporary angels I have ever saw.


Mechanical Girl 1, detail by Yotsuya Simon, 1983 (c)

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Marjorie Schick and sculptural body transformation – gallery

November 9, 2010

Marjorie Schick‘s jewerly and wearable sculptures have strong and appealing impact on the viewer because of the colours and material transformations she uses in her work.


Marjorie Schick, Wearable Pink Collar (c)

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LucyandBart: defragmented beauty – gallery

September 8, 2010

LucyandBart is a collaborative project by Lucy McRae and Bart Hess… They are both interested in exploring human body and its relation to different materials, as well as shapes and spaces… This post here is a follow up of previous similar gallery post dedicated to Lucy McRae exclusively…

LucyandBart.jpgFoam Body by LucyandBart

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