Interview with Chris Sugrue, part 2: The EyeWriter

September 24, 2011

This is the second part of the interview with Chris Sugrue. Read the first part here: Tangible Interfaces


Photo above: Decrypted Reflections by Chris Sugrue  (cc)
Photo bellow: Tempt1 wearing The EyeWriter
Taken from urban_data’s flickr

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Pocket cinema: Blue, Karma, Tiger

April 15, 2010

Swedish animated documentary about the art of graffiti – Blue, Karma, Tiger by Mia Hulterstam and Cecilia Actis has been made in nowadays rare animation technique…


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Martha Cooper aka kodak girl: street art can’t be stopped

September 14, 2008

There are several interesting connections among ethnologists / anthropologists if they happen to be also photographers: being artistically hooked up to dance (in all forms), having a passion for street art (graffiti or murals), and interest in music (in all forms, too!).

(Oh, I forgot also one thing: collecting vintage stuff – old photo gear or analogue and plastic cameras)

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