Balkan Fibre Art ’08 – gallery V

May 4, 2009

During the Balkan Fibre Art workshop Grazyna Brylewska created an artwork named ‘Happy New Year’. It’s composed of three parts: prints of enlarged details of human skin with spots embroidered with pink thread, relief-like pink structures and small pink elephants.

The connection between those parts is actually a metaphor of the irony of life – you never know what follows in next 12 months after you wish somebody a happy new year.


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Thorny seduction by Grazyna Brylewska

April 10, 2009

First you see attractive shapes and seductive colors, but then you wander where that rosy feeling of sweetness that should come in the arrangement is. Everything is perfectly composed: screens of paper flowers, dolls of plastic ones or printed canvases. And yet, it picks you, and when you come closer, it becomes serious.

grazyna_brylewska3.jpgGrazyna Brylewska: Drapes, Shrouds, Curtains (c)

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