Hello World – programming languages / geeky poetry

January 29, 2018

Hello World in different programming languages makes it a sort of a geeky poetry too through the medium of coding.

Very nice article on  programming as a poetry: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/programming-is-poetry-f2eabbe181f8

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Pocket cinema: Hello World! project

November 10, 2011

No, no! I haven’t’ forgot that I’m a blogger too. It’s just that this switch to pure practice takes some time. Well, my October was rather exciteful: visiting Granada and presenting Body Pixel at Campus Party Milenio, partaking Arduino Workshop with David Cuartielles there, then starting a season with I’MM_‘s first international workshop led by Hackteria, then putting some wearables into Mojca‘s Socialdress workshop in Zagreb,  lotza, lotza networking, etc, etc…

…And I apologize to lotza people I haven’t contacted or didn’t make stuff I promised during summer. I will! Now, when I’m getting again all of my pieces together I’m ready to finish all stuff, since the first phase – opening the lab, is over.


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