Interview with Zdenko Basic, part 1: Scopes of lucidity in illustration and animation

October 19, 2010

For a very long time I’m planning to detain for an interview Zdenko Basic… practically from the beginning of my blogging… Somehow other topics and other people entered into life of this digital creature called Body Pixel…

During this year’s edition of Animafest – World Festival of Animated Film, Zdenko was detained in the quarters of the festival and examined about his crime: illustration and animation. This verdict is announced: life sentence to be served in the deepest part of the fairy land with a working obligation of doing only moving pictures and illustrations. The execution sentence starts now!

Zdenko Basic and one of his Elves (c)
Photo of Z. Basic by Filip Filkovic Philatz (c)

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Body cinema: Body Modification – A Retrospective

October 9, 2010

‘Body Modification, A Retrospective’ is a film being made for the purposes of a documentary class by Alex Scott Perry in 2008. This documentary features Dominic Johnson – writer, performance artist and lecturer in the fields of live art, performance art and body-based practices at the Queen Mary, University in London.


Photo: (probably) Nicholas and Curths. Fakir, 1860s.
Ethnographical Photography in India 1850-1900 by John Falconer

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Body cinema: Caffe Muller by Pina Bausch

May 16, 2010

If there is one artist who was  most frequently mentioned in interviews on Body Pixel, it has been certainly Pina Bausch. Caffe Muller (1978), her most intimate artwork mirrors her experiences in family’s cafe during post-war Germany period, where she spent many hours watching adults struggling to survive in a devastated society and post-war atmosphere.


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Body cinema: Renaissance Martial Arts, part 2

January 3, 2010

As you can see history has been pretty brutal in Renaissance too, compared to the dark Middle Ages. Let’s see where all these guys in tight pants, armor costumes with charming periwigs ended up…

renaissance_martial_art.jpgIllustration: Johannes Georg Paschen, 1659,

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