Wearable installation Suspension Dimension by Jonathan Wood

December 9, 2010

Data visualization fascinates me, too. People hooked up to wearables sometimes use it as an interesting way to combine garments and illustrative parts or schematic elements used in visual representation of data. It’s an open and creative field for last few years, but basically very old visual technique. It’s almost old as the history of cartography…

Jonathan Wood’s wearable installation Suspension Dimension is an example how you can make an actual object that looks like 3D spacey data visualization… Suspension Dimension was awarded in 2008 at the awe-inspiring  Montana World of WearableArt™ Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand.


2008 Montana World of WearableArt™ Awards Show
‘Suspension Dimension’ by Jonathan Wood, United Kingdom
Winner of the Wellington International Award
(c) World of WearableArt™ Ltd

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Second Skin by Hayley May and Fiona Christie

November 28, 2010

While I was diggin’ through the archives of the Montana Supreme World of Wearable Art Award, I’ve found really nice discovery… Second Skin (2009) by Hayley May and Fiona Christie from Wellington, New Zealand.

I’ve managed to find on the web only three pictures of this interesting wearable sculpture… and here is the whole story behind the project, covered by New Zealand’s fair&blog Craft 2.0.


Second Skin by Hayley May and Fiona Christie (2009)
Photo: WOW! (c)

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Patrick Veillet’s bony resistless sculptures – gallery

November 1, 2010

Another wearable sculpture gallery! This time I’ve picked up Patrick Veillet‘s skeleton, bony and awesome accessories…

Patrick Veillet’s fashion style evokes different underground worlds, which I thought belong to the realms of cinematography and literature… nakedness treated as clothing, clothing treated as micro powerful installation…


Patrick Veillet: Sculptures a Porter – Spinal, Version 4, Squelette
Photo : Jean Baptist Mondino (c)
Material: vinyl, ossein (the collagen of bones)

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Body cinema: Tree Ceremony by Kirsty Boyle

October 25, 2010

Yeah, I know… this might sound a little bit awkward to post a robotic installation into section that deals with body… but this is such a poetic idea to design a Tree Ceremony performed by a robot… It’s Kirsty Boyle‘s robot installation for recently ended exhibition Robot Dreams at Museum Tinguely in Basel.

oh… cherry tree…


Interactive installation, Courtesy of the Artist
(c) 2010 Kirsty Boyle
Installation photo 2010, Daniel Spehr, Basel (c)

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