Pocket cinema: Robert Seidel’s experimental films

September 19, 2010

Robert Seidel is an award winning experimental film maker and visual artist… His films simply mesmerize by recalling psychedelic motifs in new digital environments and soundscape territories…

Robert Seidel: excerpts from ‘_grau’ and ‘passion pit’ (c)

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DanceWriter 2.0 installation by Typotheque

September 15, 2010

DanceWriter (2007) is an interesting online tool that converts text into simple dance moves. Meaning, you can create your own choreography by typing something – a message or by random clickin’ at the keyboard…



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Body cinema: Agata Olek’s actions and performances

August 11, 2010

She will crochet us all, my dear friendz… her finger army has no mercy… Agata Olek‘s designs, actions and performances recorded by Andreas Troeger aka TechonologyArtist…


Agata Olek: Crocheted Bike, photo by Christopher Stribley (c)

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Body cinema: Merce Cunningham’s solo dance in Good Morning Mr. Orwell

July 1, 2010

Here is an excerpt from Nam June Paik’s TV program called ‘Good Morning Mr. Orwell’ (1984) featuring choreographer and dancer Merce Cunningham. Cunningham dances with satellite-delayed images of himself, overlaid with crawling text about George Orwell’s time in Spain.

Video still from Good Morning Mr. Orwell by Nam June Paik (c)

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