Body cinema: Compagnie Adrien M

October 3, 2010

Selected works by Compagnie Adrien M for today’s edition of Body cinema screening… Compagnie Adrien M has been founded by the French juggler and computer scientist Adrien Mondot. The company mixes computer graphics, lighting, juggling and dance.


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DanceWriter 2.0 installation by Typotheque

September 15, 2010

DanceWriter (2007) is an interesting online tool that converts text into simple dance moves. Meaning, you can create your own choreography by typing something – a message or by random clickin’ at the keyboard…



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PlugandWear Wearable Technology Workshop in Florence

September 4, 2010

Here is info about Wearable Technology Workshop in my neighborhood, I got earlier today from Riccardo Marchesi aka PlugandWear. PlugandWear invites you to partake at the ‘Wearable Technology – a hands on Analysis of Electronics in Innovative Textiles and Prototype Development’ workshop, organized by the University of Florence and with the participation of Paolo Puma, Lorenzo Capineri, Troy Robert Nachtigall and PlugandWear, from Nov. 13 to Nov. 15 in Florence – Italy.


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Karakuri Block

March 24, 2010

Karakuri Block by Natsu Kawakita and Nobuya Suzuki is a project from 2004, but I have decided to include them into my reviewing of the exhibition Device_art 3.009 because it’s based on storytelling concept.

Karakuri Block by Natsu Kawakita and Nobuya Suzuki

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