Body cinema: The Costume and the Body, Loie Fuller and Martha Graham

November 21, 2010

Both pioneers of modern dance and strong women in hard times, Loie Fuller and Martha Graham have made some ground works not only in dance, but in the field that discovers the interplay between the body, space, fabrics, light and movements…


Photo above: Portrait of Loïe Fuller, by Frederick Glasier, 1902
Photo bellow: Martha Graham in Lamentation, by Barbara Morgan, 1935

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The Unquiet Cell costume

November 18, 2010

Few days ago I dug out one very, very interesting costume entitled The Unquiet Cell, actually it’s a wearable installation by visual artist/sculptor Stephen Talasnik and industrial designer Kentaro Ishihara…

“The Unquiet Cell” costume wears dancer and choreographer Judith Sanchez Ruiz and it’s from dance performance ‘Movements Within Stream‘ which was on view this October at Storm King Art Center in New York…


Photo: The Unquiet Cell by Stephen Talasnik and Kentaro (c)
Photo taken from J. Sanchez Ruiz’s profile on
Contemporary Performance Network

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Fluid cinema: Soapéra

November 15, 2010

Soapéra – collaborative dance project between choreographer Mathilde Monnier and  painter Dominique Figarella was premiered this year in co-production with the Festival Montpellier Danse in France.

I find appealing the way they use simple materials to create fragile and powerful scenography by using foam – one of the most illusive, tangible and liquid material.


Courtesy festival d’automne © photo Marc Coudrais

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Body cinema: Lucy McRae – video selection

September 9, 2010

Visual artists, documentary filmmakers, animators and dance screen artists became a natural part of Body cinema… So, I’ve picked up video selection by former ballerina and ethereal body shaper Lucy McRae


Lucy McRae: Metallic Skin
Photo taken from

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