Pocket cinema: Processing the Signal – documentary

January 4, 2011

Processing the Signal (1989) is a documentary directed by Marcello Dantas about Video art covering many aspects of the medium: technology, the process, presentation, reception and audience, as well as the narrative aspects.

The film features some of the leading artists of video and media art like Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Kit Fitzgerald, John Sanborn, Paul Garrin, Zbigniew Rybczinski, to name a few.

Bill Viola: The Messenger (c)

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Body cinema: Merce Cunningham’s solo dance in Good Morning Mr. Orwell

July 1, 2010

Here is an excerpt from Nam June Paik’s TV program called ‘Good Morning Mr. Orwell’ (1984) featuring choreographer and dancer Merce¬†Cunningham. Cunningham dances with satellite-delayed images of himself, overlaid with crawling text about George Orwell’s time in Spain.

Video still from Good Morning Mr. Orwell by Nam June Paik (c)

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