Interview with Chris Sugrue, part 2: The EyeWriter

September 24, 2011

This is the second part of the interview with Chris Sugrue. Read the first part here: Tangible Interfaces


Photo above: Decrypted Reflections by Chris Sugrue  (cc)
Photo bellow: Tempt1 wearing The EyeWriter
Taken from urban_data’s flickr

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Interview with Chris Sugrue, part 1: Tangible Interfaces

Chris Sugrue is an interaction designer, artist, programer and lecturer. She took part in the team which created one of the most intriguing and awarded wearable technology project in 2010 – The EyeWriter.

It’s a low-cost eye controlled drawing tool for ALS patients (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a degenerative neuromuscular disorder that causes paralysis, initially created for cult LA graffiti artist and activist  Tempt1.

Chris spent this spring / summer as artist-in-residence in Ljudmila (Ljubljana, Slovenia), presenting her work also in Kibla (Maribor,) and netclub MaMa in Zagreb (Croatia). Her visit to Zagreb was organized by Center for Synergy of Digital and Visual Arts and Upgrade Zagreb! (both founded by Maja Kalogera).


Chris Sugrue: Delicate Boundaries (cc)

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Glowing book by Bruketa & Zinic Designers

August 16, 2009

Latest project by Bruketa & Zinic Designers ‘Good Ideas Glow in The Dark’ is really a natural sequence in portfolio of this successful design studio that will certainly be in the future more frequent presented here…

bruketa_zinic_glow_book_1.jpg‘Good Ideas Glow in The Dark’ by Bruketa & Zinic (c)

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Burma VJ

March 1, 2009

Striking and haunting documentary ‘Burma VJ – Reporting From a Closed Country‘ was certainly for me the best film of this year’s Zagreb Dox programme.

I’m so glad that this film got a special recognition in the competition and Movies That Matters Award for best film dealing with human rights issues.


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