Body cinema: Caffe Muller by Pina Bausch

May 16, 2010

If there is one artist who was  most frequently mentioned in interviews on Body Pixel, it has been certainly Pina Bausch. Caffe Muller (1978), her most intimate artwork mirrors her experiences in family’s cafe during post-war Germany period, where she spent many hours watching adults struggling to survive in a devastated society and post-war atmosphere.


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Interview with Raimund Hoghe: Inner landscapes marked through simplicity

July 11, 2009

Raimund Hoghe is certainly one of the most intriguing dancer and choreographer in contemporary dance these days. I had an opportunity to interview him in May, during Queer Zagreb Festival, where his company performed ‘Boléro Variations’.

Raimund Hoghe always pushes the boundaries of dance perception through profound and minimalist way of analyzing thingz. The public and dance experts from Ballettanz Magazine obviously recognized this by giving him The Dancer of the Year Award in male competition for the season 2008.

Raimund Hoghe, photos by Rosa Frank (c)

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Raimund Hoghe’s tiny little thingz

May 11, 2009

This year’s edition of Queer Zagreb Festival was enriched for different concepts and poetics… the performative aspect of the programme re-marked the position of second and third generation in queer subculture, like Raimund Hoghe, then Ivo Dimcev, Alain Buffard, new forces as Dominic Johnson,  Andre Masseno, Francois Haignaud & Cecilia Bangolea, etc.

In the year of 2009, I’m still enjoying watching video material of early artworkz by Pina Bausch. If there is a theater, besides Butoh, that yet makes me speechless, than we are talking on Bauch’s theatre…

Bolero.jpgPhoto: E. Eggermont and R. Hoghe by Rosa Frank (c)

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