November 10, 2014

Long time ago I’ve heard for the first time about the method heavily practiced by performers and musicians – Feldenkrais Method. I got a script on different body practices like Alexander, Aida Rolf body methods and similar things from then mime performer Slaven Juriša.  I ordered the book Awareness Through Movements and went to workshop by Claudia Mader. Back then there were no people teaching this great body method in Croatia. After this first experience for years I was waiting for someone to start finally teaching it in Zagreb

Fortunately, over last few years few people finished schools in Germany and Austria for Feldenkrais method, and finally I got an opportunity to join one practice in order to work more on it. I started with sessions by Krešimir Šoš and Sven Eric.

I have to admit that after reading so many books on different body practices, experiencing a variety of martial arts, physical and dance trainings, Feldenkrais method is still for me the best. I would recommend this method to be a part of elementary school education, because his ideas are still revolutionary.

What I like particularly with Feldenkrais method is the opposite fact of what happens sometimes to people who are heavily involved in different body practices and that’s escapism. It’s great to be relaxed and we should strive for this, but sometimes I discuss with people involved in yoga or meditation about it. Sometimes I get impression that people in the West practicing Eastern techniques are becoming escapists, like they don’t want to listen about sufferings and problems happening to the rest of the world because they want to keep their inner peace. Well, who buy this? Honestly. No offense.

And I’m saluting every day to social workers and special needs educationalists because they witness and deal stories on daily basis the rest of us can hardly bear. Don’t get me wrong, I still practice every morning Baduanjin Qigong and Taiji, but being a practitioner of Eastern methods doesn’t mean we have to escape from real life into new age.

This is why Moche Feldenkrais was an exceptional person – scientist by profession, Martial arts practitioner and explorer of human body with a lot of empathy left in different corners.

Vintage exercises and machines…

September 27, 2009

And 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… once more… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… Here are some lovely (and some scary) photographs of vintage exercises, machines and accessories… ladiez and gentlemenz practicin’ and pumpin’ their muscles at the beginning of 20th Century…

vintage_excercise_1.jpgPhoto: actress doing arm exercises, date unknown
Taken from thepaintedwoman.blogspot.com

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E-learning: Tao Yoga – DaoYin

August 27, 2009

Martial arts and many forms of yoga are part of education in practically every dance school worldwide. Some forms are widely spread like yoga of which Hatha yoga is the most popular. The arena of martial arts is rather branched into subcategories based on different movements and philosophy; definitely a topic that deserves numerous blog posts.

tao1.jpgIllustration taken from Wu Dang Kung Fu (c)

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