Kosuke Tsumura’s subtle senses – gallery

April 4, 2010

Artworkz and garments by fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura are sometimes indescribable, because of their complex aestheticism and simplicity in material usage. I find compelling in his work the way he treats different materials, each time producing different ‘style’ …

Cocoon Cradle – Mother Piece by Kosuke Tsumura for TokyoFiber 09
Photo taken from yatzer.com

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Pocket cinema: Garbage Warrior

April 8, 2009

Today’s Pocket cinema will host its first green blog post here (shame on me, I know!)… I’ve picked up this time documentary ‘Garbage Warrior’ about one of the forerunners of sustainable oriented architecture, bio-tech architect and the King of recycled world Mike Reynolds.


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