Innovative garment Loops by Yogesh Chaudhary and Manas Barve

November 22, 2010

Wearable sculpture Loops by Yogesh Chaudhary and Manas Barve just made my day! Talented designers from India are winners of the 2010 Montana Supreme World of WearableArt Award – WOW in Wellington, New Zealand.

Chaudhary and Barve have made Loops entirely of merino wool felt because they wanted to raise the importance of sustainability. They used only laser-cutting and seamless knitting while creating this innovative sculpture.


Loops by Yogesh Chaudhary and Manas Barve
Photo: NZPA & WOW! (c)

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Students want sustainable Art Academy

May 3, 2009

Back to the city of Split today, at least on my blog. As I promised you three weeks ago, here is a second post covering projects and workshops by Department of Visual Communications Design at Split’s Arts Academy.

Today I’m gonna present you internet presentation of the project ‘New_academy initiative: A Low-Cost Sustainable Art Academy’ from 2008.


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Pocket cinema: Garbage Warrior

April 8, 2009

Today’s Pocket cinema will host its first green blog post here (shame on me, I know!)… I’ve picked up this time documentary ‘Garbage Warrior’ about one of the forerunners of sustainable oriented architecture, bio-tech architect and the King of recycled world Mike Reynolds.


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