Pocket cinema: The Alchemists of Sound

November 19, 2013

Documentary The Alchemists of Sound about cult  BBC Radiophonic Workshop, originally founded back in 1958 as an audio department for effects and new music, features nice and rare insight view on the place of gathering of many British electronic composers, many of them being recognized nowadays as sound pioneers…

Interview with Dominic Johnson: On Pain and Performance Art Embodiment

January 25, 2011

Dominic Johnson is a performance artist, writer and lecturer based in London. Johnson holds a PhD in the theory and history of visual art and performance from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

As a performer he has visited numerous international festivals, galleries and clubs with his performance Transmission, among them: the National Portrait Gallery (London), Fierce (Birmingham), National Review of Live Art (Glasgow), Queer Zagreb (Croatia), Queer City Cinema (Regina, Canada) and Visions of Excess at SPILL Festival (London) and International Festival of Performance Art (Copenhagen).


Death Valley, California, 2007, Photo by Serge Hoeltschi (c)

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Pocket cinema: Documentary films on dubstep

October 8, 2010

Dubstep is certainly one the most exciting music genres that has been produced on the music scene in the last decade… Burial is my favorite, no doubt…  Therefore, I’ve dug around the web for some documentaries that cover dubstep, and here they are: Dubstep (2006), ‘Dubfiles – Dubstep Documentary’ (2008), ‘Dubbed Out In Bristol’ (2009) and ‘Living Inside The Speaker’ (2010).


Illustration taken from boomkat.com (c)

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Pocket cinema: All White in Barking

January 12, 2010

All White in Barking, documentary made in the BBC production (2008) by Marc Isaacs deals with petty-bourgeois racism and xenophobia in small UK town of Barking. Isaacs’ film is humorous and serious at the same time, portraying all absurdities a typical neighborhood (not only in UK) can have against other cultures…


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