Interview with Johannes Birringer, part 2: Connecting analogue and digital technology

February 2, 2011

This is the second part of the interview with Johannes Birringer. Read the first part here: Interview with Johannes Birringer, part 1 – New media, interactivity and performative arts


Photo above: Johannes Birringer by Glenio Campregher (c), 2008
Photo bellow:  scene from Ukiyo by DAP-Lab (c)
Taken from Dance-Tech

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Interview with Johannes Birringer, part 1: New media, interactivity and performative arts

During November and December the Centre for Drama Art aka cdu based in Zagreb organized a series of lectures and a workshop within the programme titled Cognitive of the Performative. The first guest in the series was Johannes Birringer who introduced his latest production Ukiyo on lecture titled Open Score: Performance Technology  that took place in net club Mama.

Johaness Birringer is an performance, video and new media choreographer. He is considered among experts as one the pioneers of media art in performative context. Birringer is the founder of the theatre company AlienNation Co., new media laboratory Interaktionslabor, and the wearable technology project DAP-Lab.

I would need an extra blog post just to name and list all of his projects, books, universities and departments  he was involved with during his career. Thus, I decided to make this interview as a full scan of his work and his current thoughts on what shall we do with interactivity in performing arts.


Johannes Biringer, Photo: Glenio Campregher (c), 2008

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Fluid cinema: Fukalata – Forbidden_places

November 17, 2010

Tikul ain’t a stranger to this blog here… This chilling artwork whose concept and sound made me somehow feeling rather natural and literary ‘down to Earth’ on one dark Autumn evening…

The combination of low techniques (read: simple material) and minimal body movements makes ‘Forbidden_places’ deeply sophisticated, especially accompanied with the sound of the Polish duo Fuku Lata that ‘dances’ at the edges of electronica, psychedelia and post-rock soundz…


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Fluid cinema: Fluid sculpture by Casual Profanity

October 28, 2010

Time for new section on my blog… although I’m not very fond to the idea of classification and putting thingz into restrictive shelves… I thought that Fluid cinema section might be interesting for some experimental practices… let’s see… let’s play…

Okay, for the opening I have, of course, artwork titled Fluid Sculpture by Charlie Bucket aka Casual Profanity


Photo: Fluid Sculpture by Casual Profanity taken from flickr (cc)

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