Clothes Do Not Make A Man

August 1, 2009

Posters designed by Ljubica Marcetic Marinovic with co-author Vlado Zrnic, for last year’s dance piece choreographed by Irma Omerzo, ‘Clothes Do Not Make A Man’ I find interesting  for several reasons.

Ljubica_Marcetic_Marinovic1.jpgClothes Do Not Make A Man by Ljubica Marcetic Marinovic (c)

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Barbara Blasin’s environmental flip flops

July 25, 2009

Art project ‘An Endangered Particle‘ (2003-09) by photographer Barbara Blasin is a continuous project that begun in 2003 as a reaction to heavy landscape conflagrations in five tourist localities at the Adriatic coast: The island of Solta, Ucka Mountain, the Dubrovnik hinterland and the islands of Bisevo and Hvar) in Croatia.

endngered_particle.jpgBarbara Blasin: An Endangered Particle, photo: lomodeedee (cc)

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Akiko Sato: Shelter for the Feeling

July 2, 2009

‘Shelter for the Feeling’ is a space installation consisted of  sound, lace, fibre-glass bars, foam and canvas. It’s based on personal story of Japanese contemporary artist Akiko Sato exploring her life voyage and the history of Croatian tradition of lace-making.

With the assistance of ten lace-makers from the ‘Lace Makers Association Danica Brosiler’ from Lepoglava she created a portable lace tent that symbolizes home.

Akiko Sato: Shelter for the Feeling (c)

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Fancy Homes

May 25, 2009

Fancy Homes is a web project by artists Nikolina Ivezic and Nenad Laktasic where they’re exploring how far can we go when treating pets and making from them also a sort of a branded product perfectly suitable for branded owner in his/hers branded clothes while having a significant public (branded, too) appearance…

Ivezic and Laktasic created architecture for animals by using the same patterns and construction techniques as if they would built a house for humans with elements of camp art.

fancy_house_1.jpgDoggy House by Nikolina Ivezic & Nenad Laktasic (c)

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