Official TNX and brainstorming time (zorry!)

March 1, 2008

Deborah Hustic, lomography, 2007

Since I haven’t wrote anything for my blog last week, because some other thingz have intensively occupied my mind, I really want to write down now something that I’m planning since I’ve got some feedbacks on my posts here.

Really really really BIG TNX goes to:

> Komikaze (un)team for promoting my blog at news section of their advanced supercrafted spaceship, inviting Facebook users to check it out – I had an Facebook invasion for the whole week to the wordpress stats calculation; and publishing it at the portal for comics… (Dear Komikaze, how did I deserve this?! I lost my comix virginity now!)

>> artist and portal editor Marija Mojca Pungercar for coolish (un)words, being speechless, posting my link on all of your sites, opening a new category in your press section blogosphere (Me think that we who are working at cultural portals have to give a recognition to many creative bloggers around the net… thank you for recognizing that…)

>>> Filmmaker and writer Igor Bararon from the Culture_on_Tour project… (Igor, I’m looking forward for some new stuff on your lomo-journey through our region… happy to hear that you plan to work with NGO Kiosk)

>>>> Dancer Sonja Pregrad for sending me e-mail about my review on Irma Omerzo’s dance piece ‘Foto – plession’ (…and thank you Irma for sayin’ ‘that nobody ever has wrote such a complete review / critic on any of your performances’ = well, I was speechless for some time, you know… but, at the other hand your work made me so… an mutual understanding, see…)

>>>>> Labforculture team for finding my first blog entry enough interesting to post it on the main site for almost a week (Nicola, Marja… sorry for procrastinating with photos from Lisbon… promise, will manage a flickr account… promise.)

>>>>>> some very inspiring bloggers, designers and web mapping artists for being my master Yoda.

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