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April 27, 2008

I’m spending about 8-10 hours per day online, and when it’s about magazines, I’m always trying to track them as fast as I can… and after many years of traveling through the streets, channels and highways of internet I find myself very often overloaded… overloaded with classical interface…

People usually have prejudice to electronic media because there is nothing (at least for now) that can imitate the way real books look in a sense of touching and browsing it… No, I’m not going to write an article about cool thingz we all saw in some episode of Star Trek when Captain Janeway was relaxing in her quarters …

Having an electronic book that will visually imitate the way real book look like was always reserved for web designers or companies selling their new software product. Well, what then about a classical user willing to make an e-book or e-monograph, but being pretty broke for paying the latest ‘absolutely super new product for teleporting you into the new dimension of publishing’?! Nope, if you don’t have extra money to pay for a certain ‘e-look’ you are out of being digitally ‘e-cool’…


Last year a service called Issuu – You Publish totally embellished the way I perceived e-books and electronic media in general… the first part of the year the service was based on free invitation cards for a small community, but after a while they decided to built up their capacity for larger number of users… and seems like the whole thing is working now on ‘high hills’ which is nice to see…

Very recent I’ve discovered a pretty cool Croatian e-magazine entitled Blur, in English by the way… they are not using anything of free services, only Flash based thingz…

Magazine Bulb (c)

But, it’s interesting because the whole idea and the final product was brought to light by two artists basically coming from what people (read: slightly old fashioned) like to call ‘deviantART or JPEG generation’ photographers, Kresimir Zadravec and Robert Gojevic.

The editorial policy is oriented towards artists who arise from services like deviantART because it’s a great platform for developing and promoting your own artistic style within community of people sharing the same interests, bouncing off from the establishment or routes which are everywhere the same: rich parents + respectable curator + respectable gallery = great artist.

Magazine Bulb (c)

The magazine is certainly more oriented to a little bit ‘marketing’, but completely contemporary photography, and I was surfing through their pages for days…

The members of the editorial are also two progressive female photographers Sandra Vitaljic and Mare Milin.

Mare Milin’s columns are excellent written, like she wants to spit it out everything she was keeping for ages about her work and herself… trying to convince us that she hasn’t changed despite the fact that she is a high class fashion photographer and a glossy magazines lodger… Well, I have to admin that the story workz… besides, Milin is also a fan of lomography…

If you are going to wag your head now, because you like the ‘oldiez but goldiez’ approach to photography, I have to warn you that the same team did a remarkable thing regarding digitalizing and publishing online photo-monographs…


They published e-bookish photo monograph about Croatian photographer Toso Dabac (1907 – 1970), which is the first time that somebody did it in such a professional and passionate way…

This is really a must read e-book, making you definitely e-cool afterwards…

You know, Toso Dabac is our ‘Henri Cartier-Bresson’ and we like him a lot… Dabac was in a way deviant too by his nonconformistic approach to art and life; I guess if Captain Janeway from the beginning of this story would teleport him by mistake in the future he would definitely become a photo-hacker… /^.^\

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Dear Deborah, thanks for the Support! I’m glad you find what we put
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Dear Deborah,

thanks for the Support! I’m glad you find what we put up worth a look.


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