Creative noize by Optron

March 16, 2009

Optron by Atsuhiro Ito is very, very cool neon light based instrument… it became widely known several years ago when Sony choose him for the walkman commercial…

Atsuhiro Ito is  sound installation artist who combines performance and noise based sound created via electromagnetic impulses and waves… merging strong, like a stroboscope, neon light to create and mark detached vibes to smash your brain and ears.

optron.jpgPhoto by Sebastian Mayer (c), uploaded by japannoise

Along with this line, he  took part at many exhibitions, sound and performance related festivals, like Digital Sublime: New Masters of Universe, Sonar, Radar, etc.

Atsuhiro Ito’s albums were published regularly for the great record label entitled Improvised Music from Japan. He has collaborated till now with rather impressive Japanese artists such as Otome Yoshihide, Makino Takuma and Kazuo Imai Trio.

I’ve tried to pick you up a different scale of sound in his performances, therefore enjoy…




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