Ivan Mavrovic, Croatian steampunk artist

March 31, 2009

Two days ago I had my Sunday excursion at Zagreb Salon exhibition, I’d previously mentioned while blogging on Zbigniew Libera

I saw some great domestic projects and I’m so glad that I got an opportunity to see several artworkz which were part of some international exhibitions in the season 2007/2008.

ivan_mavrovic_1.jpgPhoto:  Steampunk Cell Phone by Ivan Mavrovic (c)

The project that really made me happy was steampunk cell phone and keyboard designed by Ivan Mavrovic.

ivan_mavrovic_2.jpgPhoto:  STL keyboard ‘Chrystal Deluxe’ by Ivan Mavrovic (c)

So far, he’s  the only Croatian designer creating steampunk artworkz… Steampunk, an analogue but futuristic oriented subculture, a parallel history where Victorian design hasn’t vanished in the past, but reveals its new function interlaced with technology in mannerism…

ivan_mavrovic_3.jpgPhoto:  KGB Steampunk Mouse by Ivan Mavrovic (c)

Steampunk is mostly based on craftsman’s enthusiasm and visions… very refined DIY technique…

ivan_mavrovic_4.jpgPhoto:  Vamp Mobile by Ivan Mavrovic (c)

Ivan Mavrovic’s ‘cell phone is redesigned cell-phone housing, composed of various materials such as metal (copper, brass, silver), wood, leather, stone (Turquise), and some recycled parts, such us a clock instead of the LCD screen.

Check here for his blog and more artworkz

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