Pocket cinema: Garbage Warrior

April 8, 2009

Today’s Pocket cinema will host its first green blog post here (shame on me, I know!)… I’ve picked up this time documentary ‘Garbage Warrior’ about one of the forerunners of sustainable oriented architecture, bio-tech architect and the King of recycled world Mike Reynolds.


Without exaggeration or insult, one could call American Michael Reynolds the world’s most distinguished architect of garbage. For over three decades, he has been successfully building very cheap houses which have their own source of energy, water and heat. For their construction he uses old tyres, beer cans and glass bottles. This surprisingly efficient alternative form of housing created by the professional architect and promoter of sustainable development from New Mexico nevertheless, or perhaps as a result, continually comes up against all sorts of US bureaucracy.

Director Oliver Hodge spent three whole years documenting the work of Michael Reynolds and his battle with American officials. Hodge sets out with him and his gang of similarly inclined colleagues to the Andaman islands, which bore the full brunt of the tsunami, where their inexpensive and efficient little houses have become extremely popular. From a total of 350 hours of footage, the filmmakers finally came up with a truly dynamic and fascinating portrait of an exceptional man and his dream come true. (synopsis from:  www.kviff.com)

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