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April 28, 2009

OK, folkz! It’s just about perfect time for a new section on my blog, and that would be Readaholic. Yeah, we’re gonna read together some selected (read: free) books, articles and comics I will dig for you on the web.

It’s not gonna be very demanding or something, promise… Coz, I know that it’s not the same to have printed book in your hands… I don’t wanna make any comparison with anything, right?!


For more then a month I haven’t post anything for younger ballet fans, so this time I have very famous Manga comic Forbidden Dance.

Forbidden Dance or Tenshi no Kisu in Japanese, belongs to youth manga form called shojo manga. The creator of this comic is female artist, mangaka Hinako Ashihara.

Forbidden_dance_1.jpgForbidden dance by Hinako Ashikara (c)

Aya Fujii is a high school student who eats, sleeps, and breaths ballet, but an accident during the National Competition caused her an ankle injury that left her unable to dance for nearly a year. Although Aya recovers physically, it quickly becomes clear that she has not recovered psychologically. It isn’t until she is invited to watch the performance of a small ballet troupe, called COOL, that Aya comes out of her funk. Now she has a new goal, to dance on stage with the charismatic leader of COOL: Akira Hibiya. However, since Akira has an incredibly strong presence and powerful charisma many girls have made such proclamations that have been ignored, thus Aya was labeled a fanatical fangirl and promptly escorted from the theater where the performance took place.

Forbidden_dance_2.jpgForbidden dance by Hinako Ashikara (c)

As the story progresses Aya struggles to prove her worth as a ballet dancer and earn her place in COOL while struggling with more typical teenage concerns such as grades and her friends. While the main focus is Aya throughout the plot line the readers learn more about the backgrounds of most of the supporting characters. Aya herself is not left out of the character development as she refines her ballet technique and matures emotionally throughout the narrative. (plot taken from wiki)

And now, go right to Animea portal, or Manga Fox, and enjoy your ballet manga readings… it has very intuitive navigation between pages and chapters, and you don’t need PDF reader or something like that…

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