Students want sustainable Art Academy

May 3, 2009

Back to the city of Split today, at least on my blog. As I promised you three weeks ago, here is a second post covering projects and workshops by Department of Visual Communications Design at Split’s Arts Academy.

Today I’m gonna present you internet presentation of the project ‘New_academy initiative: A Low-Cost Sustainable Art Academy’ from 2008.


As sustainable development is becoming more and more reasonable and modern solution because of all bites that we gave to Earth and to ourselves at the end of the chain, design students in Split decided to start the project jointly with their professors in a very moving way.

Milan_Sabic.jpgMilan Sabic (c)

They want to make a concrete and practical influence on the Architectural and Urban Planning Competition for the Art Academy ‘by achieving the inclusion of a proposition that all proposed designs should follow  the principles of sustainable building’.

Mirko_Rastic.jpgMirko Rastic (c)

Because Croatia is a Mediterranean country, the potential of solar energy usage is enormous in this country. It’s much cheaper, because the country subsidizes the production of energy based on photo-sensitive systems that could amortize in ten years.

Jakov_Suran.jpgJakov Suran (c)

In that case, the position of Academy, in one the shiniest area in the region with a significant numbers of day light hours, could be great example for active implementation of photo-powered systems, solar heating and wind-powered generators.

Oleg_Suran.jpgOleg Suran (c)

‘The design evidently has a distinctly social and responsible function. This initiative is in accordance with the activities of the Department, in a wide social context, and has the aim of integrating design into society. It satisfies not only the physical, cognitive and practical needs of the individuals, but wider social, emotional and cultural needs – to enable a better and more satisfactory life’.

Andrea_Suznjevic.jpgAndrea Suznjevic (c)

‘This is indeed one of the most important roles of design. The initiative is based both on the principles of user centred design (UCD) and also on participatory design. This design process puts the user in the centre of the design process’.

Tomislav_Sestak.jpgTomislav Sestak (c)

All sketches and proposals by students and their teachers were posted on the website Nova_akademija in order to visualize the initiative, as well to stimulate possible similar projectz of different use.

Project leaders: Tomislav Lerotic, Ivica Mitrovic.
Students: Dalibor Kazija, Andrea Suznjevic, Tomislav Sestak, Jakov Suran and Oleg Suran.

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