Binarykatwalk v.02a – Update

May 11, 2009

A new updated version of  gallery Binarykatwalk for new media art has been launched last week… Cyber spheres getting a concept space for experimental digital work….

The concept of Binarykatwalk is ‘boiled’ around presentational concept where each edition will feature artists ‘from different points in the spectrum of new media’ under the motto The Line of Influence.

War_in_Yu.jpgWar in Yu by Vuk Cosic (c)

The idea seems rather fair, because artists are invited to speak out freely on their influences; and also express their thoughts on their art legatees. It’s based more on thoughts and written forms, than visual appearances…

Differing from other ‘exhibitive’ web projectz, with a sort of two or three layers included at most, Binarykatwalk’s space could be nice place for honest talk on new media art…

vuk_and_martek_pics.jpgVlado Martek and Vuk Cosic taken from a story in the air

The project was initiated by ‘narrative archaeologist’ Jeremy Hight, a locative media & new media artist / writer. The gallery was opened by every blogger’s friend wisely announced by Binarykawalk crew, as the joker prince of new media – Vuk Cosic.

Cosic talked about some referral authors or ideas around his art vision, such as: Eco System Art, Marcel DuchampVlado Martek, RTMark, Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG

barbie_liberation_org.jpgBarbie Liberation Organization by RTMark

‘What a happy and difficult investigation this has been. In olden times the artist was taught to never reveal influences and, even more, to never to be respectful to fellow artists. I wanted to see how this can be different. In the end, this little introspection has become a story of a romantic affair with my seasoned social graph.’

Vuk Cosic

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