Pocket cinema: Sketches of Frank Gehry

July 15, 2009

I still remember the day when I was approaching Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. I was on my way to the building maybe less than two hours after I landed on airport in lovely Basque… Euskadi.

Something happened that day to me, I can’t explain what exactly… but I can tell you for sure that from that day I see structures and lines in space completely different…  I thank for this Frank O. Gehry


I think he’s really too famous architect to write now his biography here. His most notable architecture works include: Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, Experience Music Project in Seattle, Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, Vitra Museum in Basel, the MARTa Museum in Herford, Germany and one of my favorite, Dancing House or ‘Ginger and Fred’ in Prague, Czech Republic.

A look at the life and career of architect Frank Gehry (1929 – ), a visit to four buildings (the Vitra Museum in Germany, Maggie’s Centre, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, and the Disney Concert Hall in L.A.), and an inquiry into creativity in conversations between Ghery and Sidney Pollack, whom Gehry asked to make this picture. Early experiences (playing with blocks with his grandmother, drawing with his father, hearing Alvar Aalto lecture), discovering computer-assisted design, finding a psychoanalyst, experimenting on his own home, and bringing an artist and sculptor’s sensibility to architecture are part of Gehry’s story. Friends, artists, critics, and curators comment. (taken from imdb)

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