Sun-A Lee dancing calligraphy

November 3, 2009

Sun-A Lee, young Korean dancer and choreographer has presented at the Platform of Young Choreographers her solo piece ‘Out There’… she’s considered as new force at the international dance scene today…

sun-a-leeFrom ‘Out There’ by sun-A-dance

Performance ‘Out There’ is an organic, bodily performance choreographed in subliminal, but subtle manner. The piece has been inspired by artwork The Breathing Door designed by Korean new media artist Min-Jeong Kim, who was involved in this performance as video artist.

sun_a_lee_2.jpgFrom ‘Performing Dream’ by sun-A-dance

The music was composed by electronic musician N2, and it brings Sun-A Lee’s artwork on the map of world trends in contemporary dance: usage of new media vocabulary with strong accents on basic bodily forms and expressive minimalism.

sun_a_lee_1.jpgFrom ‘Performing Dream’ by sun-A-dance

The performance explores voyages of expressiveness during the process of work, opening some thoughtful, but intuitive questions on the essence of art making. Her shy movements are followed by electronic music, showing the balance of her body and space perception in modest scenography.

sun_a_lee_5.jpgFrom ‘Out There’ by sun-A-dance

The focus of the viewer is on performer, leaving her body to become a human brush in corporal and digital calligraphy.

Breathing as the essence of flow, moving as the base of existence, seems like Sun-A Lee, Min-Jeong Kim and N2 want to tell us…


Sun-A Lee studied from 1998 to 2003 at Han-Sung University in Seoul, Korea. She is currently working on MA in choreography at the Korean Arts National University. In 2007 she was the recipient of the award Yokohama Dance Collection R 2007 which included a residency at the Cite internationale des arts and Centre national de la danse in France.


Sun-A has also been the recipient of the audience award and 2nd prize in the solo contest of Spain’s 12MASDANZA in Maspalomas. She has been chosen as ‘The New Artist of the Year’ by Ballet Tanz magazine in Germany.


During 2008 she took part in the residency programme in Seoul with Jung Art Vision. At the moment she’s working on her own company entitled ‘sun-A-dance’. In 2009, established choreographers Hela Fattoumi and Eric La Moureux from CCN de Caen in France invited Sun-A on a residency in their Centre for her latest project.

You can see small excerpt of the performance ‘Out There’ when it was presented at the 9th Seoul Performing Arts Festival here

November 8, 2010 @ 11:59 am

I’m very happy you posted about Sun-A Lee. Too bad I am not able to
watch the video of her dance and so, cannot listen to N2’s music
either. Still, I am very much blessed by your post. Your writing,
the photography posted – they are all wonderful.

November 8, 2010 @ 2:21 pm

hey Ticklingjade… thanks for your comment, glad you liked my
review and visuals… yeah, i just noticed that the wmv file ain’t
workin’ anymore… probably they removed it from their server, cuz
these files might be too big on the server… dunno… i will
definitely share sun-a lee’s video when i will find it… keep you
posted, okay? stay cool…

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