Body cinema: Contemporary artist Robin Rhode

December 13, 2009

Robin Rhode‘s work amazes me completely… he was influenced by street art, sport, performative aspects of visual arts and subcultures of his native South Africa… Rhode is one of the top young contemporary artists today and I would call him freely a grandchild of Marcel Duchamp or Tadeusz Kantor…

robin_rhode.jpgRobin Rhode (c)

‘Working predominantly with everyday material like charcoal, chalk and paint, Rhode started out creating performances that are based on his own drawings of objects that he interacts with. He expanded and refined this practice into creating photography sequences and digital animations. These works are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach that brings aspects of performance, happening, drawing, film and photography together.’

robin_rhode4.jpgRobin Rhode (c)

‘Rhode often returns to his native South Africa, creating work in the streets of Johannesburg and continuously registering the traces of poverty and social inequality. An outstanding characteristic of his works is his addressing of social concerns in a playful and productive manner, incorporating these issues into his practice without simplifying or judging them.’ (taken from wiki)

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