Pocket cinema: All White in Barking

January 12, 2010

All White in Barking, documentary made in the BBC production (2008) by Marc Isaacs deals with petty-bourgeois racism and xenophobia in small UK town of Barking. Isaacs’ film is humorous and serious at the same time, portraying all absurdities a typical neighborhood (not only in UK) can have against other cultures…


All White in Barking probes the attitudes of Barking’s white residents toward their new neighbors, characterized by unexamined (and often comic) prejudices about their dress, religious beliefs, and strange cooking smells. There’s Dave, a vocally racist BNP activist with a mixed-race grandson; the elderly Holocaust survivor Monty who lives with Nigerian immigrant Betty; and Susan and Jeff, lifetime Barking residents who have ignored their new Nigerian neighbors because “they are not our people.”

When the white British couple accept an invitation to dinner from the African family, and later host a barbecue for their Nigerian and Albanian neighbors, the awkward encounters take on the air of a Mike Leigh comedy, revealing both the persistence as well as the gradual undermining of racial and ethnic stereotypes. (synopsis taken from www.icarusfilms.com)

Festivals and Awards: Best Film that Encourages the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Zagreb Dox 08; Audience Award Zagreb Dox 08; British Independent Film Award (Best British Documentary); IDFA 07 Amsterdam; Sheffield Doc Fest 07; DocPoint 07 Helsinki; Sydney FF and Belfast FF.

All White in Barking
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part 2

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