Saso Sedlacek’s Origami Space Aircraft…

March 4, 2010

It’s already a known thing that artists are sort of explorers… and scientists as well… I’m not taking into perspective now Leonardo and his flying devices, although I could. Sometimes we like to play… When grown ups play, they usually do it passionate.

Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacek, taken from Kontejner

It’s either a  pure child’s game or extremely dangerous game… Let adults to play with art and devices… let us play and let’s see where this game will take us,  because that’s exactly the drive of Saso Sedlacek and his work Origami Space Race I saw at Device_art 3.009

Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacek, taken from Kontejner

‘Origami Space Race is an initiative project for an alternative space program based on open source strategies. It is a race for the development of the best origami space airplane, with the final goal of initiating an open source space program as an alternative to official space programs.
The project’s main aim is to produce a turn in the approach to the space technology, a turn toward more ecological technologies and into more open perception and greater accessibility of space.

Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacek, taken from Kontejner

In this project, art functions as a stimulant for the idea being developed by Japanese scientists, who are planning to launch an origami aircraft from an international space station.

This idea has the potential of becoming a starting point of a new generation of ecological spacecraft as well as other origami structures applicable in space. Because of the extreme conditions in outer space, the technology being developed for these purposes could constitute the precondition for a technological revolution on Earth. The Origami Space Race project would like to stimulate and contribute to these future inventions.’ (Text taken from Kontejner)

Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacek, taken from Kontejner

Born in 1974 in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Lives and works in Ljubljana.
His work may be defined under the principles of the disposal theory, with the use and reuse of low cost technologies and the recycling of waste material.

The artist works often in public spaces through the adoption of resistance strategies and friendly tactics, without making recourse to typically political or ideological means, to remind us that we live in a hyper-consumer world, where do-it-yourself modes, open systems, common good may become an alternative to the growing number of people who are excluded from or simply dissatisfied with mainstream life.

Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacek, taken from Kontejner

His work does not want to present grand solutions, but rather to trigger small concrete changes in society, showing that individuals and groups can produce small-scale changes for the definition of their environment and their mutual influence.

Exhibitions: Seccesion, Vienna, Austria (2008), Mala Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2008), 6.Taipei Biennial, Taiwan (2008), Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (2008), Museumsquartir (MUMOK, Freiraum), Vienna, Austria (2009), Zagreb, Croatia (Device_art). (Sedlacek’s bio taken from territoria 4)

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