Material dancing with bodies: Tape Installation – Numen / For Use

June 24, 2010

I blogged about Design Company Numen / For Use almost more then a year, back then I’ve covered their lighting mirror box titled Numen / light.

Tape Installation, Numen / For Use (c)

At the end of year 2009 Numen designers created interesting installation based on adhesive tape, simply called Tape Installation.

Numen / For Use designers explain that ‘The idea originates in a set design concept for a dance performance in which the form evolves from the movement of the dancers between the pillars. The dancers are stretching the tape while they move, so the resulting shape is a (tape)recording of the choreography. One dimensional lines evolves into surface that forms the organic shape of extraordinary strength. The entrance of the audience inside the volume transforms the sculpture into architecture.’

Numen designers always play with materials, shapes and spaces; but this is their first project that seems to be out of pure geometry they regularly use in their artwork. Natural forms and creations are the base of this installation – monumental but simple.

Tape Installation, Numen / For Use (c)


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