Edita Matan’s interactive gloves

June 28, 2010

Edita Matan’s project Interactive Gloves has in its focus electronic communication. She sees it as an analogue and digital work that presents two sides of communication: one that is tangible and touchable, and the other part that is ‘the most non-social form – the mathematical, electronic form’.

Interactive Gloves by Edita Matan, photo by Kontejner (c)

Following this duality, there are two parts of the projects; the first part that needs direct communication following some subtle instructions by the author; and the second part that is based on sensors and computer processing.

Interactive Gloves require two persons that make a pair for making it happens. Matan finds that the ideal situation would be if all persons involved in the ‘performance’ wouldn’t know each other.

Interactive Gloves by Edita Matan, photo by Kontejner (c)

Every participant has an option to choose desired gloves for their part of interaction. The gloves used in the project are of different types, they might be in the range from heavy working gloves to delicate and crocheted pairs. All gloves have holes in the middle of the palm surrounded by sensors.

Interactive Gloves by Edita Matan, photo by Kontejner (c)

Once participants choose gloves by holding their hands, the pair starts to talk, walk around or sits ‘exchanging’ their energy and thoughts through normal conversation. During this period the connection between gloves is already made, as well as the ‘atmosphere’ between two human beings.

After 15 minutes, the pair returns to the programmer where he analyzes via software all data from the sensor. When the data are being processed, the result is a mathematical data visualization on the computer screen.

Interactive Gloves by Edita Matan, photo by Kontejner (c)

‘I want to use technology (sensors, a computer to process the data, an interface for the presentation of the data) so as to arrive at deep level information about the people in the couple, says Edita Matan for  the Interactive Gloves.

‘The information is processed and creates a unique curve. For a better understanding of the choice of sensors (temperature, moisture, pulse) that I use in the research, it is necessary to mention what the human character is and what acts upon it. I take character as a particularity or a human substitute for the instinctive make-up with animals. Several things act on the development of character: genetic or innate constitution, family atmosphere, economic and social conditions, sex…’

Interactive Gloves by Edita Matan, photo by Kontejner (c)

‘The environment is never the same for two people, for the difference in their constitutions makes them experience the same surroundings in a more or less different way. I have twenty pairs of different gloves at my command. Each pair is different in colour, insulation, shape. The different gloves represent differing environments.’

‘The paradox of human existence is that man yearns at the same time for closeness and for independence, for unity with others and for the preservation of his own distinctness. I have considered this moment in the choice of gloves, and with separate gloves without the possibility of creating a common atmosphere, it is possible to communicate.’

Interactive Gloves by Edita Matan, photo by Kontejner (c)

Edita Matan studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. During 2001 she was a student of Herman Nitsch, Austrian painter and media artist. She’s primarily focused on painting, graphics, interactive arts, as well as performance art. Since recently Edita is interested in exploring the language of video art.

Her artworks have been exhibited till now in domestic and international context, she was awarded in Alexandria and Munich. Edita currently lives and works in the city of Karlovac in Croatia.

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