Body cinema: Lucy McRae – video selection

September 9, 2010

Visual artists, documentary filmmakers, animators and dance screen artists became a natural part of Body cinema… So, I’ve picked up video selection by former ballerina and ethereal body shaper Lucy McRae


Lucy McRae: Metallic Skin
Photo taken from

Metallic Skin

‘Metallic Skin is a work in progress that will be featured in Sao Paulo’s ROJO Nova event in the Museum of Image and Sound. Over a week Lucy will be experimenting with liquid, magnification, miniaturisation and repetition on the human body.’

Peristaltic Skin Machine

Lucy McRae and Mike Pelletier work together for the first time on a machine that redefines the bodies surface. The Peristaltic Skin Machine is an experimentation on the body with liquid, air, speed and color’
Unofficial clip for Vitalic

Chlorophyll Skin

‘An experimentation into color, movement, absorption and the body’
A joint project by Lucy McRae and Mandy Smith (Unofficial clip for Fever Ray)

The Skin Probe Dresses – Bubelle for Phillips

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