Device_art 3.010 on the way to Tokyo

September 16, 2010

New edition of Device_art 3.010 exhibition will be presented between 23rd September and 1st of October in the Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, SuperDeluxe art place and Toyada Campus at the University Waseda in Tokyo. The programme includes exhibition, sound performances, DJ acts and round-table.


Device_art 3.010 presents Croatian, Slovenian and Japanese artists, some of who have already been exposed in the past at the Device_art exhibitions.

According to the curators – Kontejner (Olga Majcen Linn, Suncica Ostoic), Satoshi Morita and Sandra Sajovic; ‘Exhibited artworks are in most cases more focused on the concept, rather then technology and design. Tendencies towards hacking and re-use of technology are more emphasized, just like humorous, ironic or even absurd characteristics.’


Untitled, Inside / Out by Ivan Marusic Klif
Photo taken from Kontejner (c)

Artists: Yoshi Akai (JP), Stefan Doepner (DE/SI), Sanela Jahic (SI), Janez Jansa (IT/SI), So Kanno (JP), Ines Krasic (HR), Margareta Lekic (HR), Ivan Marusic Klif (HR), Martina Mezak (HR), Satoshi Morita (JP/DE), Magdalena Pederin (HR), Borut Savski (SI), Saso Sedlacek (SI) and Silvio Vujicic (HR).

Jump in here to get the whole programme…


Sketch by Sanela Jahic, photo taken from Kontejner (c)

If you’re hooked up even more to the event, wanna play with weirdo gadgets… check here for some press material and visuals to get better picture what’s waitin’ for you…

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