Pocket cinema: Reactive Books by John Maeda

September 17, 2010

You know, my digital dad is media artist and designer John Maeda… of course, he doesn’t know that I even exist… I mean, he has lotsa digital kids scatteredĀ  around the cyberspace…

Oh, how I like his work, because his books are like the Tao Te Ching for us, digital natives trying to find a glimpse of nature in rows and rows of pixels…

Photo: John Maeda, taken from karagatan.wordpress. com

Thanks to Bryan Chung‘s YouTube channel I’ve found 10 minute educational film ‘Reactive Books‘ that covers the synonymous Maeda’sĀ  book project with material that illustrates the history of interactive media and the use of interactivity in typography.

Reactive Books – John Maeda

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