Global Pop Pixel – art making by recycling

October 12, 2010

Nena Skoko and Punctum for Art Experiment are organizing an open workshop Global Pop Pixel, which is a part of larger project Collecting/’flea market&art’. The workshop is taking place in Belgrade, Serbia (Small Gallery), from 26th October till 1st November, and everything produced in this period will be shown at the exhibition that lasts until 9th November.


The main idea is that the basic constructive element for the reuse of materials will be old buttons, who are often being collected by women, cos ’they might be of use some day’.

The workshop is designed as a participatory project – citizens are invited to come and join the artist, to explore their creativity in making new and imaginative objects of old buttons. The special focus will be on the work with children with special needs.


Pixel illustration taken from (c)

The main goal is to connect citizens and artists in the joint process of creativity, but with the conscience about recycling waste and old things as an important and justified way of thinking about contemporary design.

We are exploring the processes of collecting, cleaning, selecting-choosing, composing, exposing… in the ceremonies of everyday-ordinary life and declaration of the same processes in a creative act of art.


Pixel manipulation by deborah (cc)

1. Ivana Podnar from Zagreb, art historian, textile artist and blogger
2. Tatjana Kovacevic from Sarajevo, designer and ceramicist
3. Artist group Women with embroidery from Belgrade:
– Nena Skoko
– Dragana Markovic
– Milena Ristic
– Lidija Vujovic
– Ivana Cemerikic
– Ivana Mladjen
– Ana Pavlovic
– Bojana Stamenkovic
– Bojana Ristevski
– Nataša Nebrigic
– Elda Stankovic

(Ivana Podnar is a co-blogger on Body Pixel)

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