Body cinema: Pawel Dudzinski – Butoh Dancer

November 2, 2010

As a follow up to my previous review of Incantation documentary, I’m bringing you few video shootages from Butoh performances by Pawel Dudzinski…


Pawel Dudzinski
Photo above taken from (c)
Photo bellow taken from: (c)

What is particularly interesting to me in his performances is the fact that not only that he’s doing authentic Butoh, what I call old school Butoh, but he seems to be strongly influenced by the tradition of Polish theatre masters such as Grotowski and Kantor.

Enjoy East European tradition of physical theatre combined with Butoh…

Pawel Dudzinski: Butoh Performance (2010)

Pawel Dudzinski – Perfomer Theatre, part 1

Pawel Dudzinski – Perfomer Theatre, part 2

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