Readoholic: In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon

November 3, 2010

Thanks to Pixel Pain I caught up earlier today great information about the new book titled In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon, published by Harvard University Press… It’s fresh, new, free and you can practically sense the smell of ink and paper while you’re reading this post, right?

It has been awhile since I published a blog post in Readoholic, I know… But I’m terrible glad that with this post I’m not just cleaning the dust from my digital shelves…


Boon thinks that ‘copying is an essential part of being human, that the ability to copy is worthy of celebration, and that, without recognizing how integral copying is to being human, we cannot understand ourselves or the world we live in.’ Marcus Boon is a writer, journalist and Associate Professor in the English Literature department at York University, Toronto.’ (Quotation from

Because I’m personally big supporter of the Free culture movement (this blog here is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 – Free Cultural Works) I simply couldn’t resist not to announce it here…

Hence, grab Marcus Boon’s book here in PDF, or order yourself a printed version here

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