Pocket cinema: Hello World! project

November 10, 2011

No, no! I haven’t’ forgot that I’m a blogger too. It’s just that this switch to pure practice takes some time. Well, my October was rather exciteful: visiting Granada and presenting Body Pixel at Campus Party Milenio, partaking Arduino Workshop with David Cuartielles there, then starting a season with I’MM_‘s first international workshop led by Hackteria, then putting some wearables into Mojca‘s Socialdress workshop in Zagreb,  lotza, lotza networking, etc, etc…

…And I apologize to lotza people I haven’t contacted or didn’t make stuff I promised during summer. I will! Now, when I’m getting again all of my pieces together I’m ready to finish all stuff, since the first phase – opening the lab, is over.


In Granada I’ve met two wonderful peeps, Frederique Muscinesi and Gustavo Varela from Hello World! Docus project. The funny thing is that we met each others while we were competing together in the finals of the category Social Media and Creativity (15 finalists, 600 selected projects, 1000 entries)… and they won!  🙂

Frederique and Gustavo are preparing three documentaries on Processing, Pure Data and openFrameworks, and they joined the forces with Raúl Alaejos, the co-author of the Arduino documentary. You can support and contribute their project here.

Now enjoy 8 minute promotional video representing Hello World!’s future documentaries.


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