Body cinema: Origami by RJ Muna

April 8, 2012

Instead of blogging and boring you with some facts from my life, and sharing a story on all reasons why I wasn’t so active here, I will just share some links… It will tell you everything you need to know, and YES! I’m getting back to blogging too.

Few new projects emerged from my blogging activities and this site here: running Body Pixel Studio as my personal hacklab and playground;  running I’MM_ Media lab and hacker space in Zagreb with lovely people interested in open source hardware and DIY electronics; and now in the centre of my focus Textil{e}tronics .org for production, curating, workshops, lectures, collaborations and similar activities.


Screenshot from Origami by RJ Muna (c)

I still work as a portal editor within a day job  system, so you can only imagine how my day / night schedule looks like. But I’m not complaining or something, I luv it. I really luv workaholic moods. So, in this scenario my blogging had been put on hold for some time. I’m glad to be back now! Short screendance Origami by dance photographer RJ Muna after really a looooooooong break.

Origami by RJ Muna

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