Intro on how do you get back to write again your blog in 2020

September 18, 2020

I just realised I am in my 10th year of continuously building communities, but since last few years I started to become aware of the fact I should actually label it that way. Sometimes I am so delved into practice, I do not even notice there is maybe a real need to stop and sit in front of the ‘white paper’ to name and rename your working processes and to (self)reflect on what you did.


I have became very inspired by primitif tools and organic&hybrid approach to producing things. Imagine like jumping in the place and situation where you do not have anything you used to have or you have use for what you did. So, you have to start inventing new practical realities. Well, this is just a start of my posts here that will deal with these processes. I will try to keep my writing pace as short and summarized as I can, because conciseness is my main goal.

Once being hooked up to writing, it always tickles you to get back.

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